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"Knowing which foods to eat to manage my blood sugars have always been difficult for me until I met Idil. Her knowledge and practical tips has helped me stay in control over my diabetes and I feel the best I have in years. Thank you for all your help.
– WC

"Idil was fantastic to work with. She met me where I was and, through encouragement and suggesting small tweaks to my existing patterns, made it feel nearly effortless- and even fun to lose 12 pounds.


"Idil’s approach to nutrition truly changed my life. After countless attempt of eating clean, I decided to try something new and put myself in the hands of a professional. What followed was a true revolution in everything I believed about food. For the first time in years, I was not stressing out and counting calories, but because I was focused on feeding my body the nutrition it needed, the pounds started dropping off, my skin was glowing again, and I had energy to live my best life. Although I hit a few plateaus and moments of low motivation, Idil constantly provided support, words of encouragement, and useful, tailored advice. Eleven months and 28 pounds later, Idil’s Food Farmacy Program has left me much more knowledgeable about nutrition and its impact on my health. I could not recommend Idil more: her approach to food and wellbeing have transformed not only the way I look, but how I think about my body and the nutrients that go inside it. Anne Gouthier

"HI, my name is Hani and I am a mother to three beautiful girls. My second pregnancy with my twin girls was not easy. I have been struggling with my B12 and vitamin D for a while now. My B12 went up immediately after my pregnancy with my twin girls. After four months postpartum, my doctor told me levels have dropped dramatically that’s when I contacted Idil and she was there to help me through it. I found her blog and was so eager to be her newest client. She is currently doing a meal plan for me to get healthy and get all my vitamin through eating. It is actually working. She combats science with her personal knowledge. I am writing this to answer everybody’s biggest question; Does this really work? YES YES AND YES. It has been 2 months and I have not felt this good in years. I’m talking about my over all health. My skin is glowing, my vitamin D levels are up and so is my B12. This is my lifestyle now and I plan to live by this. I truly believe in what you put in your body can effect your mental health and physical health.

I was once someone who battled with eating, and not just eating - but finding foods I liked to eat. I rarely had an appetite, and when I did have an appetite I would eat the worst of foods. Also, I work a great deal and finding foods that I could quickly make, that were healthy alternatives was difficult for me. It also did not help that I was someone who was lactose intolerant and severely anemic. As a result, this turned to my becoming extremely unwell, whereby it was beginning to show on my physical appearance, as I no longer was able to hide how unwell I felt inside from the lack of nutrients. 

I am so grateful for Idil, as she nourished me back to health and helped me find meal plans that were practical, had great nutritional value all the while tasting great. I wet from someone who would never eat spinach and celery - to becoming someone who absolutely loves green drinks, and cannot start my day without them. 

The best investment you can make in this world for yourself, is the investment put into yourself. Health and being on-top of it is not easy, but Idil makes it not just easy but enjoyable. You will not regret it. This I promise you. 
Halima Jama


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