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Reclaim Your Time: How To Be Efficient When Meal Planning and Become Your Own Kitchen Farmacist

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

We all face the issue of limited time during the week and consequently, most of us assume that healthy meal prepping is just “one more thing” to add to our already insane to-do list. But I’m here to prove to you that you can and will SAVE time if you learn to do it in an efficient and practical way.

I take joy in caring for my Kitchen farmacists that by sharing ways they can improve their health through what they eat. I once had a client who was going to the store multiple times every week (like, every night). Each day when she got done with work, she quickly scrambled to figure out what to eat for dinner (sounds familiar). As you can imagine, she was completely burned out on planning and cooking and basically “winged it” with whatever processed food she could find in the pantry nearly giving up on cooking altogether.

In her mind, meal planning and prepping would only add to her stress level but after she booked her Nutrition Consultation Package she had a game plan which lessened her stress level in the kitchen and gave her strategies that allowed her to reclaim her time.

What would you do with the extra 4 hours a week you saved by meal prepping ?

Here are a few easy meal prep ideas to reclaim your time:

Tip #1: Stock the right tools to set yourself up for success

Some us of know struggle is real when you try to follow a recipe only to realize you don’t have the necessary tools on hand. Luckily there are just a few basic items that will make prepping a whole lot easier, so let’s start there.

  • Food storage containers. If you plan to prep food, you need somewhere to put it! These are really nice because you can easily see what you have on hand (plus, upgrading from stained plastic containers to stackalible jars will make you WANT to pack lunch everyday #zerowaste).

  • Ditch the old, warped cutting boards and invest in one awesome one. Similarly, you’ll want a sharp knife if you plan to prep any sort of vegetable (and we hope you do!). Unlock my pantry and reclaim your time by booking a free discovery call with me.

Tip #2: Don’t let the thought of healthy meal prep overwhelm and paralyze you.

It seriously happens to all of us. We get so bogged down with where to start or what to do first that we end up doing nothing at all. Try adopting a “just do it” mentality. Turn on your favourite tunes, pour yourself a cup of tea and just get it done. Choose three tasks that will have the biggest return on investment during the week and knock them out in one blitz. You could even set a timer if you want to be extra efficient! Examples:

  • Make something that you can easily grab for breakfast all week long. Even if you have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal before you leave the house, a no-fuss breakfast like a Matcha Green Collagen Smoothie that requires little brainpower is always appreciated, especially pre-coffee.

  • Cook grains for buddha bowls and your lunches will be a breeze. To keep things interesting, change it up from week to week so you never get bored. When you’re in need of a quick packed lunch, try packing a satisfying grain bowl and you’re good to go.

  • Wash and chop vegetables you’ll need for dinner. Once you have all of your tools out and dirty, you may as well do as much as you have time to save on cleanup later.

Tip #3: Multitask so you aren’t tied to the kitchen.

  • Prepping your vegetables while you clean up the house, do laundry, or finish up other tasks is simple, and there are endless options for repurposing them.

  • If you have an instant pot, you can use it to batch cook protein for salads. It’s hands-off and cooks fast and furiously. Trust me #instantpot will become new best friend, ask me how.

Healthy meal prep does not have to be overly complicated or time-consuming.

If you invest a small chunk of time on Sunday to make some healthy staples, you’ll reap the benefits all week long! Trust us when we say that you’ll never be happier come 6:00 pm. What will you meal prep this week? Join me on Instagram to meal prep together on Sundays.

If you want help turning your Kitchen into your Farmacy or are looking to for a nutrition consultation to discuss further health goals, book an appointment with me at

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